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Step 1.
Cut hose square with fine-tooth hacksaw or cut-off wheel. To minimize wire braid flare out, wrap hose with masking tape and cut through tape. Remove tape, trim loose wires and flush with lube before next step. Burrs on bore of tube should be removed with a knife. Clean the hose bore.
Step 2.
Push the sleeve over the end of the tube and under the wire braid by hand. Complete positioning of the sleeve by pushing the hose end against a flat surface. Visually inspect to see that the tube butts against the inside shoulder of the sleeve. Set the sleeve barbs into the TeflonTM tube by pushing a round nose tapered punch into the end of the sleeve and tube.
Step 3.
Lubricate nipple and socket threads. Use a molydisulfide base lubricant for stainless steel fittings (e.g. Molykote Type G); lubricants containing choride are not recommended. Other material combinations use standard petroleum lubricants. Hold the nipple with hex in the vise. Push hose over nipple with twisting motion until seated against nipple chamfer. Push socket forward and start threading of socket to nipple.
Step 4.
Wrench tighten hex until clearance with socket hex is at .031". Your thumbnail is a convient measuring device. Tighten further to align corners of nipple and socket hexes. Clean and proof test to twice the operating pressure and inspect all assemblies.
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